some people have asked how to check if the oil metering device and injector pump is all right. really, it should be, considering that there are few moving parts involved and that it is constantly fed by a stream of clean 2T oil. nonetheless, here’s a way to check it (note: this is assuming that there aren’t any bubbles in yr oil line).

1. take the top off the airbox.

2. take the carb off (you may have to remove the airfilter, i don’t remember). WHEN YOU DO THIS, LOOSEN THE BOLTS EVENLY OR YOU’LL WARP THE CARB! also, it’s probably a good idea to close the rotary valve (kick the engine over until the crank is blocking the inlet) in case you manage to drop any hardware down into the inlet.

3. as you take the carb off, you’ll notice the throttle slide has a little hooked arm which nestles into an arm in the airbox which is connected to the oil metering device (and into which the throttle cable end fits). just pull the carb up enough to disconnect the throttle slide from the oil metering device (no need to mess with the cable), then tighten the carb again (NOT TOO TIGHT!)

4. start the bike and let it idle, then pull the throttle (the grip). since the throttle cable is no longer attached to the carb, only the oil metering device, the bike will not rev up. but it should smoke up (because the oil metering device will be calling for extra oil) a lot more.

5. if it’s ok, reconnect the throttle and reassemble.