Sean’s Tech Section

As the saying goes here on the east coast…”it aint a rally until Sean works on a bike.” The photo here is him getting bitchy at a Fist City run while fixing a bike. tadaaaa!

What shocks are best for my bike?

What about cylinder kits?

What pipe is best?

My bike keeps jumping outta gear…how can i change my Vespa cruciform easily?

Partially ‘dropping’ the motor: an easy way to get at the clutch, the cylinder/piston, etc.

Doing a clutch-side oil seal job on a P/most large frames

How do I set my timing right on?**this section is temporarily closed until we can get the missing parts back**

How do I plug chop to check jetting?

How do i see if my oil injector still works?

Vespa brakes for the lazy…

Easy cruciform repair